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Manufacturer Audi R8 LMS Ultra
CarRelease Audi R8 LMS Ultra W-Racing Team
Car class a 721    TopSpeed icon697   Accel icon866   Handling icon602
NFSMWEngineIcon 5.2L V10
Accel icon 562 bhp @ 8,200 RPM
IconTable Torque 369 lb·ft @ ? RPM
NFSMWSuspensionIcon RWD
NFSMWTransmissionIcon 6-speed
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The Audi R8 LMS Ultra is part of the R8 LMS-series which has been in production since 2009, designed for the FIA GT3 European Championship and other racing series. The Ultra was set into production in 2012, and came with new PS1 safety seats, updated transmission, and increased engine power.

The Audi R8 LMS also won the 2012 24 Hours of Nürburgring, which was also the first victory for Audi.


W-Racing Team

The "W-Racing Team" Edition was released for SpeedBoost on November 29th 2012. The car comes pre-equipped Gromlen Gromlen race-tuned parts which makes it able to reach an unmodified top speed of 359 km/h (223 mph). The "W-Racing Team" Edition also features an unique racing themed livery with sponsorship logos such as Blancpain, Total and SpeedHunters. The car also comes with 2-star Skill Mods and a Stage 3 Lowering Kit.  

Overall Performance

Achievable Classes
TuningSection Class E TuningSection Class D TuningSection Class C TuningSection Class B Class A Class S
The Audi R8 LMS Ultra has a stock top speed of 334 km/h (208 mph) which is well above average for a Class A car. It has strong acceleration and features very strong low gears. The R8 LMS has an average nitrous output. The handling of the vehicle is good and responsive due to sensitive steering. The vehicle is also prone to oversteer which allows tight cornering.

Compared to its road going R8 siblings the 4.2 FSi Quattro and the 5.2 FSi Quattro, this car is significantly lighter, and in Pursuit Outruns and Team Escapes, this car isn't heavy enough to take down cops without losing a great amount of speed but it can quickly be regained due to its powerful acceleration. Smashing through roadblocks, however, will flip the car. Its responsive handling can allow it to dodge rhinos easily.

Dealer Information

Garage Audi R8 LMS Ultra W-Racing Team
Style Custom W-Racing Team 759  TopSpeed icon807Accel icon897 Handling icon575

IconCurrency SpeedBoost26,800
IconCurrency IGC1,900,000

Class S Gromlen Engine
TierIcon NFSW Brand Icon Stats
EN Gromlen Gromlen Engine 7TopSpeed icon 7Accel icon 0Handling icon
FI Gromlen Gromlen Induction 4TopSpeed icon 4Accel icon 0Handling icon
TR Gromlen Gromlen Transmission 7TopSpeed icon 4Accel icon 3Handling icon
SU Gromlen Gromlen Suspension 3TopSpeed icon 3Accel icon 7Handling icon
BR Gromlen Gromlen Brakes 0TopSpeed icon 0Accel icon 7Handling icon
TI Gromlen Gromlen Tires 3TopSpeed icon 4Accel icon 7Handling icon
Bodykit icon
Slot bodykit Slot bodykit Stock
Slot spoiler Slot spoiler Stock
Slot hood Slot hood Stock
Slot wheel Slot wheel Stock
Slot neon Slot neon Stock
Slot tint Slot tint Stock
Slot lowering Lowering stage 3 Stage 3
Slot plate Slot plate Stock

IconSkillMod Super Shot
Slot skillmod
IconSkillMod Super Shot StarStar Super Shot: 14 %
IconSkillMod Super Shot StarStar Super Shot: 14 %
IconSkillMod Extended Nitrous StarStar Extended Nitrous 19 %
IconSkillMod Extended Nitrous StarStar Extended Nitrous: 19 %
IconSkillMod Socialite StarStar Socialite: 9 %

Aftermarket Details

W-Racing Team
AMSection Audi R8 LMS Ultra W-Racing Team
Slot bodykit Slot spoiler Slot hood Slot wheel Slot neon Slot tint Lowering stage 3 Slot plate
Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock Stage 3 Stock

Skill Mods

W-Racing Team
Garage Audi R8 LMS Ultra W-Racing Team
Slot skillmod IconSkillMod Super Shot IconSkillMod Super Shot IconSkillMod Extended Nitrous IconSkillMod Extended Nitrous IconSkillMod Socialite
Empty StarStar StarStar StarStar StarStar StarStar
14 % 14 % 19 % 19 % 9 %

Visual Customization


Front Rear Name Price
This car does not feature any Bodykits.


Normal CF Name Price
This car does not feature any Spoilers.


Normal CF Name Price
This car does not feature any Hoods.



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