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Bodykit icon
Bodykits are visual upgrades in the Aftermarket Shop that can be bought with either In-game Cash or SpeedBoost. Bodykits change the shape of your car by adding customized bumpers, fenders, sideskirts, or even exhaust tips, allowing players to personalize the look of their car. Bodykits are visual upgrades and do not affect a vehicle's performance in any way.

Before the November 27th patch, bodykits came with spoilers and hoods and were not customizable. Players are now able to install hoods and spoilers on vehicles individually.


  • Verge
  • Hex
  • Hex Wide
  • Verge Wide
  • Glint Wide
  • Hero
  • Q-Tech
  • Curv
  • Prime
  • Omni
  • Prime Wide
  • Omni Wide
  • Drag (only available on Drag edition cars)

Unidentified bodykits are found on several vehicles throughout the Need for Speed: World shop.

The price of bodykits for each car may vary. Also some cars aren't compatible with bodykits. Generally, wide bodykits are the most expensive, costing around 1000 boost. Bodykits that can be purchased with IGC make a smaller change to a car, but they are the cheapest since they are purchased with in-game cash.

IGC body kits usually cost 10% of the car's price depending on the model.