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Canyons in NFS Carbon

Canyons were a feature in Need for Speed Carbon where four events took place

  • Canyon Sprint
  • Canyon Checkpoint
  • Canyon Drift
  • Canyon Duel

Future Release

Canyons were not released with the launch of World, but was then confirmed in Ask Marc 39 that canyons would be released. In the Gamescom Live Chat, producer John Doyle said that the canyons would open soon. Even though it was confirmed through Ask Marc that the Canyons would be opened, Ask Marc 66 informed World gamers that the canyons were de-prioritized. If to be released ever in the future, it would not be any time soon.

Eagle Canyon Teaser

Eagle Canyon is a sign located in Fortuna near the North Bellezza track. It was identified after the patch on June 28th 2011.