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Not to be confused with Instant Cooldown

IconSkillMod Cooldown

Cooldown is a Pursuit Skill for reducing the evade time whilst being in Cooldown. This skill only works in Pursuit Outrun, not Team Escape.

Since May 30th 2012

Icon Function
IconCurrency IGC
Star StarStar Star
Total Bonus
IconSkillMod Cooldown Decreases the time
required to escape a pursuit
10,000 5-10% 13-15% 24-28% 31-34% 50%

Before May 30th 2012

IconSkillMod Cooldown Cooldown
Decreases the time needed to escape a Pursuit.
Rank 1 +10% Increase Requires Driver Level 4
Rank 2 +20% Increase Requires Driver Level 12
Rank 3 +30% Increase Requires Driver Level 20