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Downtown Palmont

Downtown Palmont is the central borough of Palmont City. Downtown Palmont's Skyline can be seen from most areas in the game including Silverton, Fortuna, Kempton and even parts of Downtown Rockport (super-imposed textures). Most skyscrapers are in the Billings District.

Players first encounter this borough when starting the game. One race starts in Old Quarter, another in Mason District while the other two are located in Historic Chinatown.



There are 13 races in Downtown Palmont:

Track Level Length Mode
Construction Route 2 4 Sprint
Chinatown Delivery 2 5 Sprint
Old Quarter 2 5 Sprint
Welcome To Palmont 2 5 Sprint
Mason Street 3 7 Sprint
Silk Road 3 8 Circuit
Main Street 4 6 Sprint
North Road 8 10 Circuit
Lincoln Boulevard 15 5 Sprint
Campbell Tunnel 32 14 Circuit
Downtown Challenge 35 12 Circuit
Chinatown Tram 45 8 Sprint
Garden Boulevard 48 7 Sprint

And one Team Escape:

Track Level Time Class Strike Heat
Outlaws 3 6:30 D 3 1