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Fortuna. Palmont's beauty

Fortuna is the western borough of Palmont City and can be entered via Highway 142 or from Downtown Palmont. Fortuna is mostly known for its luxury homes, buildings and its modern university. Fortuna is based on the California areas of Hollywood, Santa Monica, Malibu and Beverly Hills.

The area is mostly elevated, featuring sloping roads and wide corners.


There are 5 districts in Fortuna:


Type Class Event Name KM
Gamemodeicon sprint.png Car class d.png Agostini Avenue 7
Gamemodeicon pursuit mp.png Car class b.png Compromised 19
Gamemodeicon sprint.png Open event.png Condo Row 8
Pursuit Outrun.png Open event.png Kempton Pursuit
Gamemodeicon pursuit mp.png Open event.png High Stakes 7
Gamemodeicon sprint.png Car class e.png North Bellezza 6
Gamemodeicon circuit.png Open event.png Ocean View 11
Gamemodeicon circuit.png Car class e.png Skyline Avenue 9
Gamemodeicon sprint.png Car class c.png University Way 7
Gamemodeicon sprint.png Open event.png Verona Tunnel 5
Gamemodeicon sprint.png Car class e.png York Road 6



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