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Gromlen is a Race Series part manufacturer. These parts can be earned by winning races, succesfully evading Pursuit Outruns, or buying Silver Card Packs. These parts are usually included on cars bought with SpeedBoost, similar to others having Amerikon Speedsystems parts installed.

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Gromlen Engine 4-4-0 % 6-6-0% 7-7-0%
Gromlen Induction 4-4-0% 4-4-0% 4-4-0%
Gromlen Transmission 4-4-2% 6-4-3% 7-4-3%
Gromlen Suspension 2-2-4% 3-3-6% 3-3-7%
Gromlen Brakes 0-0-4% 0-0-6% 0-0-7%
Gromlen Tires 2-4-4% 3-4-6% 3-4-7%

Parts Characteristics

Gromlen parts are also known as the golden or yellow parts to the community, along with the Amerikon Speedsystems (Street parts), Medion (Pro parts), and Transtek (Ultra parts). These parts are focused on producing a balanced setup for the car, and are considered good for pursuit or muscle cars, as their soft suspensions absorb bumps and crashes easily, lowering speed loss. Their brakes and tires produce the most grip compared to the other manufacturers in the game.