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Open event Gamemodeicon circuit Hastings
StartPoint Hastings
IconEvent Hastings
Length 30.12 km
Location(s) Downtown Rockport

Hastings is a 30.12 km (18.71 Mile) long Circuit, and is currently the longest track in Need for Speed World. It takes place in Rockport. It usually takes over six minutes to complete the race.

The track is sometimes called "The Nürburgring of Need For Speed: World" because of its length, variety of corners, and long straightaways. This makes it a popular course for endurance races and testing performance upgrades.

With the arrival of Car Classes, this track was removed in 2012, and then re-added to the rotation on January 1st, 2013.

This track was featured in Need for Speed: Most Wanted and was also the longest circuit race in the game.


Starting on a windy hill, this track begins its long journey heading first into Downtown Rockport, where Little Italy and Grand Terrace overlook a gas station that is a known difference maker for players looking for an early lead. Then it goes through Century Square and the pedestrian zone of Rockport Square with many objects and a pursuit breaker for drivers to get through. Travelling through the streets it then passes Fairmont Bowl onto Highway 201 and goes through the airport, passed the stadium and then turns off into the tunnels reaching a sharp and sudden right-hand turn. Passing Little Italy again it heads over the highway out into Masterson Harbour.

After heading south to the railyards near Beacon, it then turns north through the Naval Shipyard and continues past the Drive-In onto Chase Road before turning southwest towards Downtown again. After passing the bus station it bridges over the highway and reaches the start/finish line.


Made by YouTube user Darkangelshinobu 655px|right

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