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Heritage Heights (District)

Heritage Heights

Not to be confused with Heritage Heights (Race)

According to the official map that was released in the early development of the game, Heritage Heights is supposedly a district in North Rosewood. It is a unique district consisting of 3 different kinds of areas:

  1. Highland Trails - A woodland area with ponds and off-road dirt-tracks that connect to the golf course and a car park on the edge of Rosewood College.
  2. Hillcrest - A small neighbourhood full of college dorms.
  3. Rosewood Park - The woodlands area near Silverton
  4. Ironwood Estates - Tower blocks along Highway 99.

This district connects to Silverton in the west with a tunnel that passes through part of the The Mountain. There is an unused, inaccessable road that goes through this district and appears to head north into the mountains.

However, this is not the correct Heritage Heights.

Heritage Heights is actually the north-western part of Downtown Rosewood, overlapping with what the same map calls Petersburg. Heritage Heights, Heritage & Diamond and Heritage & Campus which all start in this area. Furthermore the road signs indicate that they are here and not in the north of Rosewood.