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Not to be confused with Juggernaut Editions.
IconPowerups Juggernaut
Juggernaut is one of the few powerups that can be activated in all modes. Juggernaut will give the player extra ramming power, acceleration and a heavier weight for the player's vehicle. The increased weight, however, worsens the handling of the vehicle. The effect of Juggernaut can be improved with the help of 3 different Skill Mods.

Skill Mods available for Juggernaut

Icon Skill Description
IconSkillMod Demolition Demolition Increases the power of Juggernaut
IconSkillMod Rampage Rampage Increases the duration of Juggernaut
IconSkillMod Unrelenting Force Unrelenting
Reduces the cooldown of Juggernaut