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IconSkillMod Jumpstart

Jumpstart is a race skill that allows powerups to be used earlier at the beginning of a race. For racers, this might be the most important skill to reach the top of the leaderboards.

Since May 30th 2012

Icon Function
IconCurrency IGC
Star StarStar Star
Total Bonus
IconSkillMod Jumpstart Allows powerups to be used sooner
at race start
7,500 1-2s 3-4s 4.5-6s 6.5-7s 10s

Before May 30th 2012

IconSkillMod Jumpstart Jumpstart
Powerups can be played more quickly at the start of a race.
Rank 1 5 second Cooldown Requires Driver Level 5
Rank 2 No Cooldown Requires Driver Level 15