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Manufacturer McLaren F1
CarRelease McLaren F1 Elite
Car class a 731    TopSpeed icon687   Accel icon858   Handling icon649
NFSMWEngineIcon 6.1L V12 (S70/2 BMW)
Accel icon 618 bhp @ 7,500 RPM
IconTable Torque 480 lb·ft @ 4,000 RPM
NFSMWSuspensionIcon RWD
NFSMWTransmissionIcon 6-speed
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The McLaren F1 was set into production from 1992-1998, where 106 units were manufactured. The car was originally built as a concept car by Gordon Murray, but he later convinced Ron Dennis (chairman of McLaren Automotive) to back up the F1-project and also engaged Peter Stevens to design the exterior of the car.

The F1's design was inspired by the Honda NSX.

The car is powered by a 6.1L S70/2 V12 engine which was built by BMW's engine expert, Paul Rosche.

The F1 is also known for being the first production car ever to have a complete carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) monocoque chassis structure which makes the car very light.

The McLaren F1 was the fastest car in world until 2007, when the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 beat the F1's top speed. It is currently the world's fastest car with a naturally aspirated engine in the world. It has a fuel consumption of 47 liters per 100 km, which is equivalent to 5 miles per gallon.



The "Elite" edition of the McLaren was used in the 12th Spot The Devs on November 13th, 2012 and was released three days later, on November 16th, 2012. It comes with Medion Medion Pro-tuned parts, 2-star Skill Mods and an exclusive Elite body kit which can't be removed. On June 16th, 2015, the "Elite" edition was made available for purchase with in-game cash following the completion of 1,500,000 Circuit events as part of the End of the World event.  

Overall Performance

Achievable Classes
TuningSection Class E TuningSection Class D TuningSection Class C TuningSection Class B Class A Class S
The McLaren F1 has a stock top speed of 330 km/h (205 mph) which is very high for a Class A car. The acceleration is very strong, however at first gear the F1 will be a bit slow. The nitrous output is also very strong. The handling is very good and responsive as it has a sharp, grippy turning radius. However, the rear may get thrown out if it is suddenly full-throttled while turning and it may be stiff at times. Improper cornering may send the car out of control.

For Pursuit Outrun and Team Escape the McLaren F1 may not perform so well. It can go through roadblocks fairly well when hitting the rear and it can dodge heavy police vehicles such as rhinos as well because of its responsive handling. However, because of the F1s light weight it cannot take collisions with rhinos very well. But since the F1 has strong acceleration it can quickly regain its speed back from any collision.

Dealer Information

Garage McLaren F1 Elite
Style Elite Elite 820  TopSpeed icon830Accel icon908 Handling icon724

IconCurrency SpeedBoost222,000
IconCurrency IGC2,000,000

Class S Medion Engine
TierIcon NFSW Brand Icon Stats
EN Medion Medion Engine 9TopSpeed icon 9Accel icon 0Handling icon
FI Medion Medion Induction 9TopSpeed icon 7Accel icon 4Handling icon
TR Medion Medion Transmission 4TopSpeed icon 4Accel icon 9Handling icon
SU Medion Medion Suspension 4TopSpeed icon 4Accel icon 9Handling icon
BR Medion Medion Brakes 0TopSpeed icon 0Accel icon 9Handling icon
TI Medion Medion Tires 4TopSpeed icon 7Accel icon 9Handling icon
Bodykit icon
Slot bodykit Slot bodykit Stock
Slot spoiler Slot spoiler Stock
Slot hood Slot hood Stock
Slot wheel Slot wheel Stock
Slot neon Neon Blue w Gold Elite-F1
Slot tint Tint Black Black
Slot lowering Lowering stage 3 Stage 3
Slot plate Plate elite ELITE-F1

IconSkillMod Super Shot
Slot skillmod
IconSkillMod Super Shot Star Super Shot: 6 %
IconSkillMod Super Shot StarStar Super Shot: 14 %
IconSkillMod Extended Nitrous StarStar Extended Nitrous 19 %
IconSkillMod Extended Nitrous StarStar Extended Nitrous: 19 %
IconSkillMod Rapid Fire StarStar Rapid Fire: 14 %

Aftermarket Details

AMSection McLaren F1 Elite
Slot bodykit Slot spoiler Slot hood Slot wheel Neon Blue w Gold Tint Black Lowering stage 3 Plate elite
Stock Stock Stock Stock Elite-F1 Black Stage 3 ELITE-F1

Skill Mod Details

Garage McLaren F1 Elite
Slot skillmod IconSkillMod Super Shot IconSkillMod Super Shot IconSkillMod Extended Nitrous IconSkillMod Extended Nitrous IconSkillMod Rapid Fire
Star StarStar StarStar StarStar StarStar
6 % 14 % 19 % 19 % 14 %


  • 2013-01-23 Fixed an issue that caused the driver side mirror to disappear from the McLaren F1 while Low Level of Detail


When the car celebrated its 21st Birthday the cost of the F1 "Elite" was temporarily reduced to IconCurrency SpeedBoost213,500 as well as the other Elite cars and the "Legenday Elite Car Pack" which can be obtained from the Web Deals.



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