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Not to be confused with Most Wanted (Skill).

Car class s Gamemodeicon pursuit mp Most Wanted
Team Escape Length 17.08 km
Time-icon 6:45
Driver 4 Players
Strike 2 Strikes
Heat Level Heat Lvl. 4
Locations Camden

Most Wanted is a 17.08 km long Team Escape track. This event starts in Camden, goes through Downtown Rockport, Highway 99, and ends at Silverton Refinery in Silverton.

Players have only 6 minutes and 45 seconds to escape this Heat Level 4 event, and there are only two strikes allowed. Most Wanted is a Class 'S' Event.


There are a lot of Roadblocks on this course, so it may be a good idea for players to use Juggernaut or heavy cars. Also, there may be many spike strips and cars trying to box players in. It is suggested to have Emergency Evade, Ready, and Run Flats powerups prepared.