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Car class d Gamemodeicon pursuit mp Outlaws
Team Escape Length 13.57 km
Time-icon 6:00
Driver 4 Players
Strike 3 Strikes
Heat Level Heat Lvl. 1
Locations Downtown Palmont

Outlaws is a Team Escape that is also one of the easiest Team Escapes to complete. State cruisers enter the escape almost immediately, but does little to stop the members of the escape team.

The evasion route starts from Downtown Palmont, and ends on Interstate 21 in Fortuna. Players have only 6 minutes to escape this Heat Level 1 event. There are only 3 strikes in this Team Escape.

This Team Escape is only for Class D cars. A player can initiate a private invite to the player's group or friends to use any car, but the player sending out the invite must have a Class D car.


A good thing to do here is to watch out for the cops that will push you into a roadblock to make it easier to bust you. If the cops do that, use your regular or team Emergency Evade. Use of the Juggernaut powerup is useful if you don't have enough speed to break through a roadblock, and is also useful for taking on rhinos head-on.

Another good thing to do is to use a heavy car like the Mazda Mazdaspeed 3 or Pontiac GTO '65 which have more weight and are good for dodging roadblocks.

There is a shortcut on the second of the two corners in the long highway before Fortuna. Go right and take it, but be careful, there are two Rhino roadblocks guarding the path. They are really easy to go around though. Exploit the large gaps that they're exposing.

Before the last hairpins of the track, there is a crossroad. Take the left one, since the road on the right will loop around and will take longer than the other path. Taking the left road will save you a lot of time, although it is often blocked by cops.

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