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Overlook, which is also referred to as Lovers Lane in Spot The Devs, is a parking lot overlooking Palmont and the location of a Meeting Place that was released on February 12th 2013 as part of the Valentine celebrations. This event was hidden in game files for a long time before finally being released with Valentine's Day Music to celebrate the Holiday.

It is located in Hillsborough, on the I-21, overlooking the whole of Fortuna and some other areas of Palmont. Players can see as far as Downtown Rockport. This is one of the best places in the whole region for great views.

Events starting in Fortuna
Gamemodeicon circuit Condo Row Ocean View Skyline Avenue University Way
Gamemodeicon sprint Agostini Avenue North Bellezza Verona Tunnel
Gamemodeicon pursuit mp Compromised High Stakes
Pursuit Outrun Fortuna Pursuit
Gamemodeicon meetingplace Overlook
Open event Condo Row Fortuna Pursuit High Stakes Ocean View Overlook Verona Tunnel
Class B Compromised
Class C University Way
Class E Agostini Avenue North Bellezza Skyline Avenue