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Promotion Performance Customization

Performance Parts with Audi R8 in the background

Performance Parts are available to improve a car's top speed, acceleration, and handling statistics.

All parts from Street manufacturers can be bought for in-game cash in the Performance Shop.

All other parts can only be earned by Lucky Draw after events, Treasure Hunt, or by buying Card Packs. The more rare the parts are, the harder they will be to find. Farming is a popular and strategic way of finding out where they can be won.

There are six parts that can be customized;
  • Engine
  • Forced Induction
  • Transmission
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Tires

Each part comes from a different type of manufacturer (Street, Race, Pro), and comes as improved, sport or tuned. Every part improves a car's stats (measured in percentage gained) and can upgrade it to higher class, provided it is not already in Class S. Elite tuned parts are usually the best and rarest parts currently available.


Click on a manufacturer below to read their stats gains (measured in percentage), or click the external link below for a useful interactive guide that includes all parts. Various manufacturers can be combined to make setups that are more suitable to the player.

Performance Manufacturers - Overall Rating (Yellow Parts)

These parts are available to give a balanced rating in top speed, acceleration and handling, they might keep an imbalance between the stats if the car is imbalanced when stock.

Performance Manufacturers in Acceleration (Blue Parts)

These parts will give the car more power in the lower RPM range, causing better acceleration and higher torque. On the downside, the car has less power in the higher RPM range. Blue chassis parts (suspension, brakes, tires) will give the car more grip.

Performance Manufacturers in Handling (Red Parts)

Red engines, turbochargers and transmissions are lightweight parts, which means they improve the handling but they have lower performance when compared to yellow, blue or green parts. Red suspension increases the handling, but the car tends to oversteer a lot and the tires have worse traction.

Performance Manufacturers in Speed (Green Parts)

Green engine parts give the car more power in higher RPM, the car will be faster but the acceleration will be lower when compared to yellow or blue parts. When equipping green chassis parts, the car will understeer, which makes the handling generally worse, but makes the car more controllable in higher speeds.

Unique Performance Manufacturers

Unique parts can only be found pre-installed on particular car editions.

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