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IconSkillMod Perseverence
Perseverence is an Race skill that reduces the Cooldown timer of the Slingshot powerup. This skill was introduced on May 30th 2012 when the new Skill Mods system was implemented into the game.
Icon Function
IconCurrency IGC
Star StarStar Star
Total Bonus
IconSkillMod Perseverence Increases the cooldown
speed of Slingshot
10,000 5-10 % 13-15 % 24-28 % 31-34 % 50 %


  • "Perseverence" was actually spelled incorrectly by EA on release. The actual spelling of the word is "Perseverance". It is currently unknown if this was intentional, related to cultural differences, or just a mistake. It is also unknown if it will be fixed or changed in a future patch.