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Manufacturer Porsche 959
CarRelease Porsche 959 White
Car class a 671    TopSpeed icon590   Accel icon748   Handling icon676
NFSMWEngineIcon 2.8L Flat-Six
Accel icon 444 bhp @ 6,500 RPM
IconTable Torque 369 lb·ft @ 5,000 RPM
NFSMWSuspensionIcon AWD
NFSMWTransmissionIcon 6-speed
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The Porsche 959 was released on July 26th 2011 as part of the Need for Speed World 1-Year Anniversary celebrations.

It was first announced with a "Create-A-Porsche 959 Contest" that this car will be released with the game's official launch, but was revealed for the 1-Year anniversary. It got delayed because, according to Ask Marc 41, they got their license to use the car approved on June/July 2011.

Since the 959 was released on the anniversary week, a Year One Special Edition of the car was released, and was also known that a 1-day rental of the car given to the community went terribly wrong, as people who used it got the car permanently. It was later fixed, and people who hadn't claimed it were given a 7 day rental instead. The players who got the permanent car from the 'rental' code could keep the car.


The development of the Porsche 959 started in 1982 as a prototype for the Rally Dakar then known as the 911 SC 4x4.

The production Porsche 959 was then announced at the 1983 Frankfurt Motor Show, with the 200 units needed for Group-B homologation already ordered. The car is best known for being the first production car ever to reach 300 km/h. The car was built between 1986 and 1988; 292 Porsche 959s were built, 113 in 1987 and 179 in 1988.

Overall Performance

Achievable Classes
TuningSection Class E TuningSection Class D TuningSection Class C TuningSection Class B Class A Class S
The Porsche 959 has a stock top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph) for Class A. The acceleration is decent but not enough to beat other cars of its class. Its nitrous output is good but lacking. The handling is good and responsive, however, it can oversteer very easily.

For Pursuit Outrun and Team Escape the 959 may not be a good choice mainly because of its very light weight. The car can dodge heavy police vehicles very well because of its responsive steering. However, it is the only advantage that it has because it cannot take head-on collisions and go through road blocks very well because of its light weight.


  • White
  • Red
  • Year One

Dealer Information

Garage Porsche 959 White
Style White White 713  TopSpeed icon682Accel icon771 Handling icon688

IconCurrency SpeedBoost24,700

Class A Amerikon Engine
TierIcon NFSW Brand Icon Stats
EN Amerikon Speedsystems Amerikon Engine 4TopSpeed icon 4Accel icon 0Handling icon
FI Amerikon Speedsystems Amerikon Induction 3TopSpeed icon 3Accel icon 0Handling icon
TR Amerikon Speedsystems Amerikon Transmission 4TopSpeed icon 3Accel icon 2Handling icon
SU Amerikon Speedsystems Amerikon Suspension 2TopSpeed icon 2Accel icon 4Handling icon
BR Amerikon Speedsystems Amerikon Brakes 0TopSpeed icon 0Accel icon 4Handling icon
TI Amerikon Speedsystems Amerikon Tires 2TopSpeed icon 3Accel icon 4Handling icon
Slot skillmod Slot skillmod
Garage Porsche 959 Red
Style Red Red 671  TopSpeed icon590Accel icon748 Handling icon676

IconCurrency IGC1,350,000

Class A Slot skillmod Slot skillmod Slot skillmod
Garage Porsche 959 Year 1
Style Custom Year One 733  TopSpeed icon725Accel icon782 Handling icon694


Class A Gromlen Engine
TierIcon NFSW Brand Icon Stats
EN Gromlen Gromlen Engine 7TopSpeed icon 7Accel icon 0Handling icon
FI Gromlen Gromlen Induction 4TopSpeed icon 4Accel icon 0Handling icon
TR Gromlen Gromlen Transmission 7TopSpeed icon 4Accel icon 3Handling icon
SU Gromlen Gromlen Suspension 3TopSpeed icon 3Accel icon 7Handling icon
BR Gromlen Gromlen Brakes 0TopSpeed icon 0Accel icon 7Handling icon
TI Gromlen Gromlen Tires 3TopSpeed icon 4Accel icon 7Handling icon
Bodykit icon
Slot bodykit Slot bodykit Stock
Slot spoiler Slot spoiler Stock
Slot hood Slot hood Stock
Slot wheel American Racing Style A 17"
Slot neon Slot neon Stock
Slot tint Tint Blue Sapphire iridescent
Slot lowering Slot lowering Stock
Slot plate Plate grey YEAR 1

IconSkillMod Super Shot
Slot skillmod
IconSkillMod Super Shot StarStar Super Shot: 14 %
IconSkillMod Evasion StarStar Evasion: 14 %
IconSkillMod Extended Nitrous StarStar Extended Nitrous 19 %
IconSkillMod Rapid Fire StarStar Rapid Fire: 15 %
IconSkillMod Socialite StarStar Socialite: 9 %

Aftermarket Details

Year One
AMSection Porsche 959 Year 1
Slot bodykit Slot spoiler Slot hood American Racing Slot neon Tint Cyan Slot lowering Plate grey
Stock Stock Stock Style A 17" Stock Sapphire Iridescent Stock YEAR 1

Skill Mod Details

Year One
Garage Porsche 959 Year 1
Slot skillmod IconSkillMod Super Shot IconSkillMod Super Shot IconSkillMod Extended Nitrous IconSkillMod Rapid Fire IconSkillMod Socialite
Empty StarStar StarStar StarStar StarStar StarStar
14 % 14 % 19 % 15 % 9 %

Visual Customization


Front Rear Name Price
This car does not feature any Bodykits.


Normal CF Name Price
This car does not feature any Spoilers.


Normal CF Name Price
This car does not feature any Hoods.



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