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Pursuit Outrun was launched on November 16th 2011, and was the sixth gamemode to be released. Pursuit Outrun is an event where players have to escape the Police.

Pursuit Outrun was a replacement for the police in Free Roam. This happened by request from the community, because hitting cops unintentionally, triggering a pursuit, was very often disrupting to the Free Roam experience and Treasure Hunt event.

How to Play

In order to escape, the player must first lose distance and sight from the cops by filling the evade meter (left) and avoid the busted meter (right) from being filled. When cops are near, the left meter empties and the right meter goes up, and the opposite happens when cops are far away. The player can disable cops by damaging their vehicles, which increases the players reward, but also raises their heat level, making cops use more resources to take the player down. The player can also disable cops by using Pursuit Breakers.


Evaded - Busted

Cooldown Mode

When the cops have been lost and the evade meter has filled up, they will search the area. This stage is called Cooldown mode, and the player must avoid all cops until the new Cooldown meter (blue) fills up. There are Cooldown Spots located throughout the world where the player can fill the meter very quickly if a cop does not find a player hiding there.


Cooldown Meter



Time, Cops chasing, cops disabled, cost to state.

By evading the cops, players will win in-game-cash, rep, and a reward card. The prize depends on the heat level, length of the pursuit and the amount of damage delivered (cost to state, cops disabled). Cost to state can be increased by disabling police vehicles, hitting or destroying objects, and using pursuit breakers. Lucky Draw cards can be earned in this event if the pursuit lasts long enough.


If a player gets busted, the player will earn a very small amount of rep, but lose cash, get no lucky draw card, and have its car's heat level reset.


There are currently seven Pursuit Outrun events:

Kempton PursuitSilverton ShowdownRosewood RaidRockport ResistanceFortuna PursuitCamden PursuitPalmont PursuitPreview7Pursuit
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There is also team pursuit mode. See Team Escape.

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