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Rhino SUVs are Police units designed to stop racers by ramming them head on and provide more strength in roadblocks. They appear in Pursuit Outruns and Team Escapes in the Heat Levels 2-5.


Rhinos are used in Roadblocks (Heat Levels 4 and 5) and on the streets. They are the heaviest police vehicles and can stop almost any car with a successful hit. They do the same in roadblocks. Ramming any part of the Rhino without Juggernaut activated can result in a large speed loss.


  • To dodge a Rhino turn very slowly to one side and quickly swerve to the other side at the last moment. With luck, the Rhino will hit a pursuing police car!
  • Juggernaut Cars and the Battlefield Heroes SUV have the Heavy Mass Skill Mod and therefore are heavy enough to overpower a Rhino.
  • The Juggernaut and Emergency Evade powerups are really useful when met with a Rhino.
  • The Ram and Demolition Skill Mods are also very useful to improve performance against Rhinos.