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Rockport Airport (RPX) is a modern style airport terminal located in South-west Downtown Rockport. Only the terminal, airport hotel, various buildings, and parking garages can be seen, and it is located on Highway 201. The highway splits into four roads and makes a 270° curve past the terminal before re-joining at the end. There are also many skyscrapers beside it making for spectacular viewing.

West Park & Lyons and Valley & State sprint races, and Late Departure, a Team Escape begins in this area.

Airport Hotel

Despite being the location of an Airport terminal the highway loop is a very commercial zone with businesses and office towers all around it. One of the more noticeable buildings is the Airport Hotel. This can be found on the east side of the loop marked by a blue sign on top of it.


  • Superimposed textures of the back of the airport can be glimpsed from Kempton and Downtown Palmont, especially from Kings Park and Historic Chinatown. The airport is also located at a significantly higher height than Lower Rockport West Side according to the textures hidden in that area, which makes it a mystery how the back of the airport will fit in the area. It was rumored at some point that a strip behind the airport may be used for drag races, like in Need for Speed: Underground 2.
  • The Airport did not exist in the original Most Wanted. Instead, only the highway loop existed, and the parking garage was in a different location and trees were in place of the buildings.
  • The Airport building resembles the TGV Saint-Expury Train Station in Lyon, France.
  • The Airport Traffic Control (ATC) tower resembles the ATC Tower in Bilbao, Spain.