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Not to be confused with Rockport Airport

Rockport Valley Airport is a district in west Downtown Rockport. It is best known for being the location of Rockport Airport. It also features several other well-known places. Highway 201 passes through and Valley Interchange allows access to Downtown, Fairmont Bowl, Rockport Tunnel System and Lower Rockport West Side. Fairmont Bowl is located here despite there also being a district of the same name.

A construction site for the Rockport Urban Skyway Project can be found on the edge of the district. It is known as the Little Italy construction site, but that name comes from the race event, the actual Little Italy is located in Agostini Heights in east Downtown. West Park is also partially located here but is inaccessible.


4 race events begin here.

  • West Park & Forest
  • West Park & Lyons
  • Valley & State
  • Little Italy

2 Team Escape events also begin here

  • Late Departure
  • Underground