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Rosewood is the natural and college area in Rockport City. Players can get to Rosewood easily via the tunnels located in Infinity Park and Silverton Refinery, along with the long tunnel in Kings Park, Downtown Palmont connecting to the Petersburg Interchange.

The drawbridge, next to Highlander Stadium, which was used in the end of Need for Speed: Most Wanted, has been replaced by a tunnel that leads to Silverton instead of first going through Lookout Point.


There are six districts in Rosewood

Rosewood Town


The town of Rosewood spans across Petersburg into the Downtown Rosewood district. It can be found between the high mountains of Petersburg and the Campus.

The south (Downtown) end has a junction where it connects to Highway 99 and a welcome banner on a building that bridges over the road. This building is one of the locations fireworks are launched on during New Year's night.

The north end is known to have the real location of Heritage Heights. The developers of World gave the name to the north-east district of Rosewood but according to the tracks from Most Wanted, the original location is actually in the north end of this town.


There are currently 23 race events starting in Rosewood.

Track Length Mode
Clubhouse & Hollis 6 Sprint
Ghostwood (Limited) 10 Sprint
Rosewood Park Loop 7 Circuit
Chancellor & Campus 7 Circuit
College Mall 11 Circuit
Stadium & HWY 99 8 Sprint
Rosewood Central 9 Circuit
Diamond & Union 6 Sprint
Park Boundary 15 Circuit
Rockridge & Union 8 Sprint
College Asylum 11 Circuit
Rosewood & Lyons 8 Sprint
Stadium & HWY 1 12 Sprint
Heritage & Campus 5 Sprint
Campus Interchange 22 Sprint
Heritage & Diamond 10 Sprint
Country Club 22 Circuit
Rosewood College 8 Circuit
Heritage Heights 12 Sprint
Union & Hollis 9 Sprint
Stadium & Chase 7 Sprint
Rosewood Rally 4.30 km Rally Sprint
Rosewood Rally Rev 4.30 km Reverse Rally Sprint

There are currently three Drag Races.

Track Length Players
Breaking Point 0.57 MI / 0.91 KM 2
Loop 1.12 MI / 1.80 KM 2
Skirmish 1.24 MI / 2.00 KM 2

There is currently only one Team Escape.

Track Time Class Strike Heat
Home Run 6:30 C 3 3

There is currently one Pursuit Outrun.

Rosewood Raid

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