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Silverton is the northern borough of Palmont City and is based on the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. It is best known for its casinos, hotels and neon signs but also the luxury homes that can be found mostly in Diamond Hills. Silverton can be reached via Highway 142 or Highway 99 and is connected to Downtown Palmont by Francis Tunnel and Blackwell Bridge. There are a lot of sharp turns and shortcuts in this region.


There are seven districts in Silverton:

Local Map of Silverton


There are many landmarks in Silverton that help make Silverton the great attraction that it is.

Neon Mile Starlight Strip


Mirror Hotel Black Dice Club Canmor Downs
Montezumas Brimstone Diamond Plaza
Paradise Hotel Caidoz EAX
South Pacific Hipsters Gold Bullion
StarView Konopa Cabana Lucky Dice
The London Silverton Casino Outlet Mall
The Nebula Silverton Sign Texas Casino
Troy Studio MO Wedding Chapel


Type Class Event Name KM
Gamemodeicon pursuit mp.png Car class e.png All In 11
Gamemodeicon sprint.png Car class d.png Blackwell Bridge 7
Gamemodeicon circuit.png Car class d.png Brooks Street 12
Gamemodeicon sprint.png Car class c.png Eagle Drive 6
Gamemodeicon circuit.png Car class e.png Lucky Towers 7
Gamemodeicon circuit.png Car class e.png North Broadway 7
Gamemodeicon circuit.png Open event.png Paradise Hotel 11
Gamemodeicon circuit.png Car class c.png Savannah Street 11
Pursuit Outrun.png Open event.png Silverton Showdown
Gamemodeicon sprint.png Car class b.png Silverton Way 7
Gamemodeicon sprint.png Open event.png Spade Street 5
Gamemodeicon sprint.png Car class c.png Starlight Street 7



  • There is a hotel/casino on Las Vegas Strip called Silverton. This may have helped to inspire the name of this borough. It should be noted that Silverton is based on Las Vegas which is located in Nevada whose nickname is "The Silver State".
  • Silverton is originally from Need for Speed: Carbon. It's where players face the game's main antagonist, Darius and where the final part of the game takes place. It was controlled by Darius' "Stacked Deck" crew, before it was defeated by the player.

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