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The Skill Workshop is a Customization section in the Safehouse where Skill Mods can be applied to cars. They can be bought from the store or taken from the inventory. Once they are installed on a specific car, that car will enjoy the benefits of those mods for as long as they are applied. Once a Skill Mod is removed that car will no longer receive its effects.

Skill Workshop Screen

  1. Inventory - This is where all unused Skill Mods are stored. The inventory holds a maximum of 200 parts.
  2. Store - Allows players to purchase 1-star versions of every Skill Mod using in-game cash.
  3. Sell Parts - Allows players to sell Skill Mods by dragging and dropping the part from the Inventory onto the Sell Parts area. Removing a mod will automatically sell it, players cannot return them to the Inventory once they've been applied to a car.
  4. Skill Effects - Displays a summary of applied Skill Mod effects, as well as previewing any pending changes.
  5. Skill Mod Slots - Each car can have up to five Skill Mods applied to it by dragging and dropping the Skill Mods from the Inventory into the slots. Skill Mods can be stacked, meaning you can install multiple skills of the same type to your car at once.
    Note: Treasure Hunter, Heavy Mass and Aero Drag have their own separate slots so players can still add a maximum of five mods to the car.