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IconPowerups Slingshot

For Team Slingshot then please visit this page.

Slingshot is a powerup which will increase the performance of the player's car in events. The Slingshot powerup can be activated if the player is in second place or below. The effect of the Slingshot mod is also dependent on what place the player is in a race. The lower place a player is in, the greater the boost from the Slingshot will be.

Slingshots can also be used in Team Escape.

Players can upgrade the effect of Slingshot via three different Skill Mods.

Skill Mods available for Slingshot

Icon Skill Description
IconSkillMod Aerodynamic Aerodynamic Increases the power of Slingshot
IconSkillMod Momentum Momentum Increases the duration of Slingshot
IconSkillMod Perseverence Perseverence Reduces the cooldown of Slingshot