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Starlight Strip

Not to be confused with Starlight Street (Race).

Starlight Strip is a casino district/attraction in Silverton just north of the Neon Mile. It is inspired by Las Vegas's Old Town Fremont Street area which is known for its neon lights, clubs, small hotels, theatres and casinos.

The strip itself is confined by the two Silverton Signs. It has several other landmarks and finishes slightly over the border of the neighbouring Shady Pine district. The district of Starlight Strip also has landmarks located outside of the strip.


Black Dice ClubBrimstoneCaidozHipstersKonopa CabanaSilverton CasinoSilverton SignSilverton SignStudio MOEAXGold BullionLucky DiceTexas CasinoWedding ChapelStarlight Strip Map
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In The Strip Outside The Strip
1 Black Dice Club 9 EAX
2 Brimstone 10 Gold Bullion
3 Caidoz 11 Lucky Dice
4 Hipsters 12 Texas Casino
5 Konopa Cabana 13 Wedding Chapel
6 Silverton Casino
7 Silverton Sign
8 Studio MO


Two race events begin here;

One Pursuit Outrun event begins here;

The All In Team Escape event goes through most of this district.