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IconPowerups Traffic Magnet

Traffic Magnet is a powerup used to slow down the leading player in a race. When a Traffic Magnet is activated, traffic cars will attempt to collide with the race leader. If the race leader crashes into a traffic car the race leader will lose time, allowing the other players behind to catch up.

This power-up can be blocked if the leading player triggers a Shield to protect him or herself. Juggernaut may also help the leader get through any collisions without losing much time.

Skill Mods available for Traffic Magnet

Icon Skill Description
IconCurrency IGC
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Total Bonus
IconSkillMod Magnetized Magnetized Increases the duration of Traffic Magnet 10,000 3-7% 9-10% 16-18% 33%
IconSkillMod Traffic Cop Traffic Cop Reduces the cooldown on Traffic Magnet 10,000 5-10% 13-15% 24-28% 50%