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Open event Gamemodeicon pursuit mp Underground
Team Escape Length 8.36 km
Time-icon 4:00
Driver 2 Players
Strike 2 Strikes
Heat Level Heat Lvl. 4
Locations Rockport

Underground is a Team Escape Event that is one of two Team Escapes limited to 2 players. The other such escape is High Stakes. The track has to be completed in 4 minutes. The event starts on Highway 201, near Valley Interchange, goes through Downtown Rockport through the Tunnel System, and ends in West Camden.


  • This is a very narrow track, and a good supply of powerups is recommended.
  • Use a car that is heavy and can accelerate quickly to get out of crashes and pile-ups more easily. A high top speed is of limited use here, because players must be ready to get past tight obstacles very often.
  • It is important to keep your car in the middle of the track because one of the Spikestrips are on both sides of the track. A recommended method is to use Juggernaut to move the cops out of the way, unless you have a Juggernaut Edition car.
  • Like the High Stakes Team Escape, the name of this event is a reference to Need for Speed: Underground.