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Agostini Avenue

Agostini Avenue is a 7.04 km long Sprint taking place in Fortuna.

Route Info

The track starts on Agostini Avenue located in east Fortuna. The track starts straight towards east until it then goes south and passes the Pacific Palmont before entering the South Fortuna district. The track then goes towards west.

When the player reaches the western parts of South Fortuna players can then decide if they want to stick with the original route and turn to the left or take the shortcuts and go straight ahead which can save time.

Once the player reaches the Hillsborough/Verona Tunnel-intersection, the player will have to make a sharp right to the left. Short after the player can decide whether he/she wants to go straight ahead to Verona Tunnel or by taking the shortcut located to the right before the Tunnel.

When the player then reaches Point Lago and the Palmont University, the player can then choose to hit a pursuit breaker and alternatively slow down his/her competitors. When the player then reaches the Hillsborough district the player will have to make another sharp turn to the right. The track then ends with a straight road to the finish line.


This track is named after the former Need for Speed World (and Most Wanted & Carbon) Art Director Eduardo Agostini. There is also a district in east Downtown Rockport named after him, Agostini Heights.